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Joseph Kelly, CEO of

Joseph Kelly, CEO of

Discusses Bitcoin as an off-ramp, Peter St Onge, and ETFs

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I came across as a result of Peter St Onge’s daily videos on “economics and freedom”. Peter’s main sponsor is Texas-based Unchained which provides Bitcoin financial services where clients can hold their keys; multi-sig vaults; trading desk; bitcoin-backed loans; and bitcoin retirement accounts/pension funds.

It’s impressive that a company like Unchained is willing to support a commentator like Peter when his videos (which are brilliant by the way) are as controversial as they are. In particular, Pete doesn’t exactly pull his punches directed towards the Federal Reserve’s money-printing ponsi scheme. Indeed, the abject corruption of the fiat currency system - and the dollar in particular - attracts Peter’s particular attention.

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Joseph Kelly, CEO of

In this podcast, Joe Kelly discusses how his company provides collateralised financial services (within the regulated dollar-based system) - where bitcoin is the collateral. And it’s been a success. The company now provides custody to $billions of bitcoin - on behalf of individuals, companies and funds.

In the United Kingdom, given the unregulated nature of bitcoin, a number of challenger banks compete with custodians for KYC-based custody services. However, the business model is less developed in Europe. In that context Joe’s perspectives may provide some food for thought for budding entrepreneurs and bitcoin miners keen to put their bitcoin to work in the world of fiat.

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